loud exultation used when the outcome was in doubt and just turned your way, frequently used by (but not restricted to)sports fans, athletes, and announcers.

When used by victorious competitors it's meaning becomes "I own your ass!"
Tiger Woods anxiously watching an extremely long put heading towards the cup.


Tiger: YES!!
by bishop2112 October 16, 2005
An answer or reply to a statement or question you don't understand, that annoys you, or that you don't care about.
"And then I was like, omg, no way, and she was like, talking about crap and I was like, omg and she was like, yeah and we were like, no way and like, yeah. And then she was like, what and I was like, omg."

"I got the math test bonus question, I think. I divided x by pi and squared the root of 6 and canceled out all those sines over the cosines of 74 and 76, and I got 457 over the hkdslf of ffuuuu. What did you get?"
by Lovette Cher April 10, 2010
the word that makes rape sex.
"she said yes and i didn't even have to use force."
by ?>,! January 21, 2009
Used in Derry as a greeting that goes beyond a simple hello. When you say "yes" to someone in Derry it really means "well my good friend, it's most excellent to see you and I hope you are doing well and achieve all you undertake."

It can be used to start a large and varied conversation, although has been known to be a conversation on it's own:

Person 1: "Yes!"
Person 2: "Yes."
*end of conversation*

"Yes" is very handy to use if you don't have time to talk to someone, for example if you are in a hurry to get somewhere but pass an old friend along the way. By exchanging "yes's" in a couple of seconds it is as effective as stopping for a cup to coffee and a chat about good times.

A word of warning, if you use "yes" as a greeting outside of Derry, you will generally be given funny looks...
"Yes lad, what's the craic?"

by notayesman August 29, 2008
1. Affirmative answer
2. A really cool progressive rock band
"Do you like me?"
"Yes, I do."

"Hey, what's the name of that band you're listening to?"
"...Like I said, what's the name of the band you're listening to?"
"Um, that's not a yes or no--"
"The name of the band is Yes."
by Dudeliness November 27, 2007
the word that makes sex NOT rape!!
yes, i would like to have sex with you.
by Hoe, Bitch, Skank March 09, 2005
affirmative expression

yaya, yeah, ya, yee, yep, yup, mhmm, word, true-true, yea
Yes, Mr. Officer, I did slap that bitch-ass, she was actin' a foo'.
by yermombiatch February 13, 2005
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