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A different form of sheesh. It's interesting to use for awhile, if you get bored of saying sheesh. This is a good word for people that don't really say "bad" words.
Why did you do that for? Yeesh...

Yeesh! (In a complaining way) Why did you take my money for?
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
Like sheesh, or o my gosh, etc.

You can basically use it for anything.

You can replace it with a bad word too.
Dad: You're grounded!!!
You: Yeesh

friend: You fat piece of crap!!
You: Ahh be quiet u piece of yeesh.
by gabemaster187 December 19, 2005
word to describe something that isn't good
"nice, you just gave up a touchdown in madden"

by jay holt April 25, 2006
A catchphrase used a lot in the movie "Sin City". Usually said after seeing something unpleseant.
pretty self explanatory. watch the movie for a better example.
by mrnonamex May 17, 2005
another word for a loser.
Tango: That dude Keith is a herb.
Crofton: Yeah he is the biggest yeesh I've met.
by Scout is May 22, 2008
Brilliant,when it all goes your way,sweet.Mainly used in Craigavon.
Yeesh!I got a jackpot from Cash Lab!
by Kunstable December 02, 2006
Like yesh... but only if your name is Kate
Kate:No its yeesh, fucktard
by CBFT October 22, 2004