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Slang for "your mom". A nice insult! Talking about your mom is really insulting.
Ex. 1
Some guy: Get a life...
Person responding: Yo mama!
Some guy: What did you say! *beats up person responding

Ex. 2
Some guy: You fat pig...
person responding: Yo mama's a fat pig!

by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
A different form of sheesh. It's interesting to use for awhile, if you get bored of saying sheesh. This is a good word for people that don't really say "bad" words.
Why did you do that for? Yeesh...

Yeesh! (In a complaining way) Why did you take my money for?
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
The next generation system of Microsoft. First came the X-box, then the X-box 360 (event though the system isn't a circle) and so it is assumed by most people that next will be the X-box 720. It is a reasonable name for the next gen. of X-box.

Sometimes used as a joke when asked if going to buy a 360.
Are you getting the X-box 360?

Nah, I'll wait for the X-box 720.
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
As used by Megan in Drake and Josh, it is used to express dumbness, stupidness, and as an insult.
In "Drake and Josh Go Hollywood", Megan finds out that she wasn't going to Denver (where she wanted to go), but instead to Los Angeles. She then said out loud to herself in disgust, "Those boobs", referring to Drake and Josh who made the mistake of sending her to the wrong place.

Then the lady flight attendant next to her looked at Megan in a strange way, then looked down at her "boobs".
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
Whenever the time of day is the same as the following area codes of the bay area:
09/12/2007 05:10 PM Steve: What time is it?
09/12/2007 05:10 PM Gabe : It's bay area time.
09/12/2007 05:10 PM Steve: ahaha, cool!
09/12/2007 05:11 PM Gabe: :( We have to wait until 6:50 now... -_-
by gabemstr September 12, 2007
The next generation system that pwns the PS3 and 360.
The word itself can be used for many other things too.
Because the PS3 costs too much and the glitch it has stinks, I'm getting a Nintendo Wii.

I need to go Wii-Wii.

Wii will rock you.


Person A: Are they still making the Revolution?
Person B: It's called the Wii now.
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
Detergent, as well as an Anime about a teenager named Kurosaki Ichigo. You can read the people that will soon be below me's description. :p To add on to this, I would like to say that he obtained his Shinigami (Death God) powers naturally (that is, after he lost them). It is found out in the Anime (not manga) that his father is a Shinigami, so Ichigo is a true Shinigami, not a representative. Since the fillers are over, the main story is back.

Ichigo will now try to defeat hollows and discover his hidden power, him being a "Vaizard", one that is half hollow, half Shinigami. Ichigo calls it an "organization", but it's really what he is. As he tried obtaining his lost powers borrowed from his friend Rukia, he nearly became a hollow. Thus, he's a vaizard. Vaizard's are very powerful.
Ishida: Kurosaki, do you use Bleach on your clothes?
Ichigo: No, I don't wash my clothes...they're a waste of time..
Ishida: -_-
by GABEMSTR January 24, 2007

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