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A word used to substitute another word. Yeah can be used when you can't think of a certain word, as a code name for someone, and/or a word when you cant say a word that you want to say.
"Ay gimme dat lil yeah"
"You is a lil yeah..."
"Remember dat time when we went to dat yeah wit yeah and he tried to yeah me?!"
by Destinee February 25, 2005
A word frequently used to disguise the fact that you haven't been paying attention. Often times it can get you into trouble.
"Ohmygod Erin, my boyfriend...he's been cheating on me for ages and... hey, do you remember that girl Bertha? Well she is like a whore. So anyway, he dumped me last night!"


by BadCowPun June 01, 2006
1.) to agree with a previous statement

2.) anything positive (can be a substitution for any word)

3.) weed

4.) a response to settle a situation (usually said after the laughter of a funny joke)

5.) to fuck, have sex
1.) Nard: "Yo, that car hard as shit"
Boy: "Yeah mayn"

2.) Dub: "Ay Yo, i just found 200 dollars in the grass yo.
B: "Oh shit, Thats that Yeah yo"

3.) Taps: "Yo, U got sum Yeah on you"
Q: "Yeah, but i only got 10's"

4.) Smoo: "HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHH........Yeah..."

5.) Yo #1: "Yo, shorty just called, she want me to come thru and yeah!"
Yo #2: "Dat's Wassup, u better hop on that!"
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005
Another way of saying yes. A sexual way of describing pleaure
Are you a gay anal rapists who does crack coke all day long and has a small dick. Yeah!
by Bob January 02, 2005
used by the singer of marcy playground randomly in just about every song, typically placed as a strange yet effective transitition between verse and chorus (or vice versa) between a verse and chorus.
Long long ago in China I'm told
To England was traded some tea
And so sealed the fate
In pieces of eight
All England and all of the world

by bruno June 23, 2004
"I agree strongly"

usually said quite snappily. When elongated, it is a sarcastic insult, it can imply "That was sooo gay".
USA guy1: Does Canada suck?

USA guy2: YEAH!


GUY1: I just HAVE to get this b-e-a-utiful jacket!

GUY2: Yeeeeeaaaaaah!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
an ad meaning adv. meaning somethings good.
That pair of pants is so yeah.
by Violet Jarasitis August 15, 2005

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