The first word that James from Metallica said, instead of expected "mama".
James at the beginning of every concert - "YEAH!"
James between two songs during the concert - "YEAH!"
James after the concert, instead of "thank you" - "YEAH!"
by virgins destroya September 22, 2006
The space between your asshole and scrotum.
I like my yeah licked!
by roirat96 October 24, 2008
when the vagina rips, this is the sound you will hear
dude i was fingering this chick then i heard something rip, then she began to yell YEAH!
by yodathebigtool February 25, 2010
Anything you want it to mean. Like substituting it for other words
John:Man im trying to get some yeah.
David:yeah man thats whats up
John:but she be Faking on that yeah
by Jai February 07, 2005
One of the terms that lil john uses repeatedly.
In any of Lil John's songs u can hear him say "Yeah"
by codecraig April 02, 2004
You Are Extreemely Hot
dude: Yo Y.E.A.H.
chick: Thank you.
by rogue hunter February 23, 2009
One of the 3 terms Lil' Jon uses to rap.
"A BME Clique (Yeah Yeahh)
We back motha fuckers (We Back)
The Kings of Motha fuckin crunk (Kings of Crunk)
Yeah Yeah"
by Jake Sutliff October 25, 2006

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