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A bad word that you're not supposed to say.
(From the 90's sitcom Dinosaurs)
Baby: "Smoo!"
Everyone else: *GASP!*
by *barfs and passes out* May 19, 2008
The female sex organ we spend 9 months trying to get out of and most men spend the rest of their lives trying to get back into.
Her smoo smelled of fish.
by woodmouse May 26, 2006
Korean way of saying Smooth
This alcoholic beverage goes down so smoos.

This is not rough; it is smoos.
by John Sim July 28, 2004
Female genitals, normally referring to those where all pubic hair has been removed.
Check out the sweet smoo on her!
by EDMWF July 14, 2009
Another synonym for vagina derived from an old-school Nokia autocorrect for the word 'Poon'.
Groovin' the smoo!
by Slugga Jolly February 05, 2013
A smooth patch where the genitals should be. The area need to be regually power sanded

Unidentifiable juices are secreted from this area when aroused
Hey, whats that noise?

Its just someone smooing their area
by Chandy Smooner January 02, 2011
something that is cuddly and huggable. like a teddy bear.
The teddy bear in the snuggles commercial is smoo.
by G. Lewis September 06, 2007

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