A word often repeated constantly by a woman while faking orgasm during sex with that special someone she met yesterday. The repetition of this word irritates the guy(or the girl, whatever) who's doing her.
Monica and Raj having sex while watching a football/soccer match...
Monica: Yeah,yeah, yeah, ok, hmm, no Get Out!, yeah, yeah, gooooooaaaal,goal, goal, yeah, yeah!!!
Raj: That's it. You turned me gay. I am going to John.
Monica: Uh...mm.. I don't think John is gay.
Raj: How do YOU know that?
Monica: ...I had sex with him yesterday.
Raj: Oh ya I know that. He turned gay right after that.
Monica: Holy crap! I'm on quite a run...of turning people gay.
Raj: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Monica: Absolutely not.
Raj:I mean that's fine if that's who you are. People's personal sexual preferences are nobody's business but their own.
Monica: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah!
Raj: Are you agreeing with me or faking orgasm?
Monica: Both.
Raj: You need help.
Monica:Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Top Definition
The answer to any question.
Q. What time is it?
A. Yeah.
by where am i? February 14, 2005
can be used to get out of any situation known to man
(walk into room full of people in suits who turn and stare at u)
(walk out)
by J November 30, 2004

Can be used to delay a particularly embarrasing moment or if you're lost for words, like uh.

Can be used to answer an awkward or idiotic comment.

All purpose response to any situation.
Fiorella: Are you ready for some some hot, crazy lovin'?
Mike: Yeah.

Fiorella: Why did you eat my all my damn sushi?
Mike: Yeeaah, about that...

George W. Bush: They misunderestimated me!
Mike: Yeah...

Troy: My hair's on fire. AAAARRRRRRRRGGHGHGHGH! My skin is burning!!!
Mike: Yeah.
by papermachete October 29, 2005
Word used in every song with Lil John in it.
some song is playing in bacground:

by madman89 April 06, 2006
One of the few words in Lil' John's vocabulary.
in a loud, annoying voice: YEAH! WHAT?! WATCH OUT!!!
by kryo June 22, 2004
An adverb that makes everything sound better. Said with emphasis.
Yeah I broke my foot!
Yeah death!
Yeah yeah!
by Bettie, John, & Tiara November 17, 2002
BEST WORD EVER. It is the equivalent of an orgasm. When this word is moaned it turns everyone on. People receive pure joy from this simple 4 letter word.
Boy: Did you go to the mall today?
Girl: (sweetly) Yeah
Boy: (gets hard)
by SoccerPlayer23 June 22, 2009

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