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Word used in every song with Lil John in it.
some song is playing in bacground:

by madman89 April 06, 2006
One of the many variety of Cheeto snacks sold exclusively in Mexico and South America, flavored by cheese and red chile peppers. They are shaped like fangs(colmillo is fang in spanish).
Dude have you tried these colmillos their freakin good ese!
by madman89 April 06, 2006
instant messenger term for "fuck with ya later"
Gary says:Bye see you tomorow
Tom says: fwyl
by madman89 April 06, 2006
Small town on the edge of Oklahoma. Near Liberal, Kansas.
Capital of gossip, Boring town home of the Turpin Cardinals and of the most disliked teacher that likes scented candles shaped like green apples.
Yo How did you end up in Turpin?
by madman89 April 06, 2006
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