Token black guy. born on the streets of compton and lives in the ghetto. urban legend and loves fried chicken. idol is james brown and is enemy to all super pimps(hickin). has the biggest mansion in the ghetto(waldridge) and is very rich due to rap success
he theres yak he from the ghetto

yak the token black guy of the herma
by yak.p May 05, 2005
Drunk White boy terminology who is typically from the Midwest(between the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers and north of Oklahoma.) or the Southeast(From Virginia and below and as far west as Texas.) of the United States of America who wants to or is about to punch the opponet in the jaw line.

Typically the phrase "I'm about to Yak'em" is brought up if a certain male individual (usually intoxicated) has lost all common sense and has disrespected you.

It's not a Yak if:
- if you hit certain individual about the jaw line or above the nose area.

The Yak area is imgur.com/4PXjOu3
Bro or babe, I would have been back 5 minutes earlier with your beer , but I encounted this douche and I was about to yak'em. (Yak him)

- Man!, I'm about to Yak that fucker
- OOOHHH! bitch got Yak'ed
- Bitch I'm about to Yak ya
- Get yak'ed on bitch!
- Dark days, tough times, but those boys behind you are about to Yak that fool.
- I think your boy is about to get Yak'ed on.
by murk1n May 31, 2016
Means you laughed so hard you almost choked
LOL omg Emily I just yaked
by Skyyebby June 13, 2016
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