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talking, often times incessantly
She was too busy yakking on the phone to notice.
by P.King November 29, 2006
An aggressive sexual act between two homosexual males in which both males must be large hairy men, otherwise known as "bears" or "yaks". The men must face off to one another on all fours while completely nude and attempt to establish dominance through only the use of their penises and makeshift yak horns made of dildoes attached with duct tape.
Adam and Jeffrey, both bears, slapped dildoes to their heads and began yakking when their wives went to the store.
by Bolthole November 03, 2014
fantasizing about grammer whilst masturbating. Also known as yakking.
Oh my god yes, yes yes.. full stop full stop... comma yes.....oh - apostrophe...

"See that guy over there - he really dig's his comma's- a real yakker - he's the biggest yaksha you will ever meet."
by antiyak July 23, 2005
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