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YOUR V-Dub Hero, the Face of Deception, YOUR P.I.M.P. ... Pacific Island of Maui Playa, Mr. Water Heater, That Muthafucka That Never Forgets, Mr. 40 Ounce, The Wedge Inspector, and countless others. An all around true pimpin ass muthafucka. No one tighter. Ever.
Goddamn, Stixx is tha shiznit beeaaaaatch. I wish he'd take me on as a padawan learner like he did with Lucas.
by Stixx May 02, 2005
A female, bitch, ho, whore, slut, yampie, whathaveyou.
Man, fuck that yak for drinkin my last beer nigga. I gotsta beat that yak's ass.
by Stixx April 05, 2005

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