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3 definitions by JoeSMDD

1. A period of time in which hardships are few and life is comfortably lived.

2. The stretch of time a person spends in county or state prison.
1. Since I won the lottery, I was able to pay off the house and my wife and I retired twenty years early. These must be the salad days.

2. I ate five black assholes tonight. These are truly the salad days.
by JoeSMDD July 28, 2004
107 69
When you are engaged in the sex act of "69", at the moment of orgasm, you unleash a turd onto your partner's face.
Jill gave Jack a Creepy Carl because he gave her a mushroom-shaped bruise across her neck the night before.
by JoeSMDD August 29, 2003
41 19
A Man's Penis
Don't talk back, suck off my yak.
by JoeSMDD August 29, 2003
16 40