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The L33tspeak adjective describing someone who is a uberleet god/king, like Xerxes I in the movie 300. A person that is x3rX typically has thousands of minions at their disposal with each one willing to die for his/her leetness. This person is only found on a mobile throne propelled by minions on foot. Never will a x3rX person physically touch the ground, instead choosing to walk upon his minions. Should a minion fail in some manner it will be punished severely by flogging or decapitation. In general, x3rX is a superlative to leet.
Person 1:"Dude, did you hear about that x3rX hacker?"

Person 2:"No, why?"

Person 1:"He didn't even touch his keyboard. He had his minions do it for him."

Person 2:"Dude that is x3rX!"
by Kwesi Booker March 22, 2007
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