The greasiest, slimiest scum you'll ever meet. They are dirty Ites that will do all they can to swindle you out of any sum of money, no matter how small. They will also try to steal your pizza at the lunch table.... damn wops!
What a damn wop, that asshole stole my pizza out of my fucking hands!
by The Gook!!! August 24, 2007
Stupid Italian person who has no common sense, has family in Queens NY , and never has been out side of New York State except for New Jersey.
Your such a WOP
by Hockeyman2334 July 06, 2011
a dirty lil Italian person or someone of Italian descent
by GRANDMASTASTONA420 January 12, 2011
Without Passport
Racist term used to describe italian immigrants

that italian is a WOP
by Pro 11563712634 October 30, 2009
A fat ass italian person who wears too much cologne and dons fake gold chains. Hairy chest, flabby body and scams off the government to survive. Usually will suffer from some sort of anti personality disorder and has trouble maintaining friendships and relationships. They can't hold a job. Wops never really seem to make anything of their lives and don't end up doing better than their pops.
Sonny sure is one fat fucking WOP. He thinks hes tough but he ain't shit. People just pity that sorry ass bitch.

No one gives a damn bout your jealous greasy wop ass. Go get a job.
by Your daddy....... March 07, 2008
A wop is a poor italian person. Usually the fathers don't work hard at all and suffer from jealousy towards other people who actually made something of their lives. Most wops are poor people who can't support themselves. The term comes from observences made by said people who employed wops. Wops usually don't have much ambition.
Look at that guy over there who can't support his family. He's a wop.
by Woposaurus March 02, 2008
The sound spaghetti makes when it hits a plate.
Here comes the spaghetti! WOP!
by Darin Number 2 April 18, 2007

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