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A small town in the greatest state ever...NJ. Most of the kids there say "yo I hate this town yp"....but really love it. Keyport High School is more of a hang out then an actual school...and if you're artsy..get out. Sports Sports Sports. The Union Beach kids come to the school for 9-12...mostly because Keyport is a tad bit better. Well...the kids aren't smart but usually are outragiously funny and have good personalties. Everyone is Irish and Italian theres like 5 black families and some more Spanish kids...basically no culture. It is bordered by Hazlet...a school or fag emos who think there tough...and usually get beat up by Keyport kids. To add it up...great personalty....crazy funny...jock....LOVES football...welcome to Keyport. We hope you just don't mind the Mexicans. .... our towns racist as hell.
welcome to Keyport a town of white kids who say yo all the time love football are funny....but will definetly kick your ass if they need to...or want to.
by yo1234567890 February 06, 2008
A dumb word a bunch of poor people made up for amazing Italians to make up for there boring lives. Most are ugly shits with no friends and are jealous that they are non cultured fags. My pop works harder then any of you shits. And hes 100% baby. Dont fuck with the Italians...you'll wind up dead.,
"did shit fuck face"
by yo1234567890 February 06, 2008

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