A drink that tastes like Kool-Aid but contains everclear, rum, or other strong alcohol.
What happens is the everclear is mixed with fruit (watermelon, strawberries, that type of thing) or Kool-Aid mix in a big tub or garbage can, and set overnight.
They mix, and by the next night for the party you have a hard drink that tastes and goes down like fruit punch. It is commonly served at parties similar to beer at keggers, costing about $5 a cup. It knocks you out and is very popular around college campuses because it is cheap and can get a lot of people hammered.

Parties where this is consumed is often called a Wop Out.
"The Wop last night was crazy! I had 7 glasses and was just going insane, it tasted like Crystal Light but really worked!"

"You really want that Caroline chick? Take her to that party and get her some wop, trust me your dry streek will come to an end!"
by Max Ad. September 21, 2008
wop an itallian immigrant without papers
wop= mario @ luigi
by crimsonkiller June 23, 2011
A bundle, heap, hunk or mass of cash. Can be kept in your pocket, hand, bank or an assortment of other places.
In October, 2009 - Tiger Woods became the first athlete to make $1 billion dollars. He is makin' mad wops.
by KyleVA May 13, 2010
wop (won't open pussy) is a female who acts like she wants the dick, but when it comes down to it she doesn't take it.
Dude she is the biggest wop in the country you have no chance of getting it in.
by Sir Rilo December 03, 2013
With Out Papers. Another word for an illegal immigrant, usually used as a racial slur for Italians.
Josh - "Dude, I'm gonna go make a Meatball sandwich"

Layton - "You WOP"

Michael - "Noice, dude"
by Jak B 001 September 10, 2009
means Waste Of Pussy

a girl can be a W.O.P.
or what she does can be a W.O.P.
heres just a few examples:

the hot chick in a movie gets killed you say "man what a waste of pussy!"

or a girl thats just so messed up mentally and/or emotionally that shes undateable, shes a W.O.P.

when you see hot chick with an ugly guy (asian girls for example) thats a W.O.P.

by Dj Magnet September 04, 2008
A term describing a lower class italian person. The working and lower class underbelly of italian culture. Term describes a lower socioeconomic class of italian who isn't a good worker and can't meet the basics in life.

A wop will try to get out of working or try scamming the system and people who do jobs for them. They may even try scamming the state to get money.

This term applies to a common vulgar italian person who dosen't respect themselves or other people.
Vita is a common wop.
by jeezy weezy May 16, 2008

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