term coming straight of leeds which is an alternative name for cannabis. wops particularly refers to cannabis in skunk format and should never be used when resin is concerned.
Mate: Alright fella what you doing tonight?
Other mate: Getting in a shitload of wops!
by Leedsleedsleeds February 20, 2008
A wop is an italian/sicialian wannabee usually with only 5-10 percent italian in them. Claims to be cultured yet have never even been to italy or know their own roots, unlike other cultures who have been to their home country and are soon going to yours! We have more culture in our lil pinky than you do in your entire bloodline. Wops live off the government and do not work hard. unlike us. You dont even have the money to go to your own home country if you wanted to. You arent ven full blooded yet you act youre in the mafia when we know what the other parts of ya are.

Not a full blooded italian

Someone who pretends to act tough and give a shame to italians name when they arent even full blooded italian! They're american and dont have any ties to the mafia. They dont even know their own roots and have never been to italy and couldnt affford it if they wanted to, No one in their family is college educated, they arent true blooded italians.
Wop: I'm cultured and italian.

Me: Punches dumb wop in the face
by Bracket. March 07, 2008
wop is a person who gets jealous very easy of richer people. They are usually workers for said richer people in question. Their pops usually dosen't have much ambition and many do not get past the 8th grade. They usually cannot support their families. They have a very high lack of ambition. They usually lead boring lives and don't get to do too much because they can't afford it anyway. Usually ugly in appearance and uncultured all around. Wops also usually like to pretend they are tough though no one is scared of them. They laugh at them a lot. THey look like characters from super mario brothers game and all think they are in the mafia when they aren't anywhere close.
Look at that greasy wop over there acting like he's something. He dosen't even work or own a car. He works for the man and has no ties to the mafia
by your daddy wopo March 04, 2008
term coming straight of leeds in yorkshire which is an alternative name for cannabis. wops particularly refers to cannabis in skunk format and should never be used when resin is concerned.
Matthew: Alright fella what you doing tonight?
Andrew: Aww mate i've got massive bag of wops to get through, let's get as baked as hell!
by Leeds Personified February 20, 2008
Head, Brains
"Just Suck Me Off, I promise girl that I wont tell..tha whole block/
And Den youuu tried, but yo stupid ass aint even know...how to give wops"
by SpaDe November 28, 2003
"watering of plant". A man, any man, not necessarily
Italian or of Italian descent, that keeps his plant
well watered. i.e. a great lover.
Jim, you're _such_ a wop.
by Jim Ference November 02, 2007
Wop is actually a misspelling of Juap, which is an americanization of the term juapo. Somewthing that was often heard said by Italian immigrants about other Italian immigrants. The term juapo means thug.
That fucking wop (juap) over there better get his shit in line or I'm going to go all Southside on his ass.
by mostlyright September 08, 2005

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