means Waste Of Pussy

a girl can be a W.O.P.
or what she does can be a W.O.P.
heres just a few examples:

the hot chick in a movie gets killed you say "man what a waste of pussy!"

or a girl thats just so messed up mentally and/or emotionally that shes undateable, shes a W.O.P.

when you see hot chick with an ugly guy (asian girls for example) thats a W.O.P.

by Dj Magnet September 04, 2008
It's what you get when you take one Italian man's head in one hand, and another Italian mans head in another, and hitting them together.
Dude 1: Dude 2! Want to see a wop?

Dude 2: Sure!

Dude 1: Okay. Go find two Italian guys for me and I'll show you.
by Construction Zombie January 19, 2012
Without Passport
Racist term used to describe italian immigrants

that italian is a WOP
by Pro 11563712634 October 30, 2009
this word is not used on italians but sicilians it started when the sicilians were brought here as slave labor for the white man. when the landed in new york staten island these three letters were stamped on the back of thier hands yes they mean "with out paper " later used as a racial slur like wet back
those stinken wops are taken all our jobs
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
The greasiest, slimiest scum you'll ever meet. They are dirty Ites that will do all they can to swindle you out of any sum of money, no matter how small. They will also try to steal your pizza at the lunch table.... damn wops!
What a damn wop, that asshole stole my pizza out of my fucking hands!
by The Gook!!! August 24, 2007
WOP is an acronym. W - O - P, waste of pussy. Used to describe women who sexually identify with or practice lesbianism.
"Damn, that chick is FINE!"

"Calm down bro, she's a WOP."
by kid_wolfman November 30, 2011
A popular American, fad dance that made its debut on youtube, derived from the initials: W.O.P. (meaning Wide Open Pussy)
"Hey DJ, I would like to get crunk in this club tonight. Would you please play my song, so I can WOP?"

"That girl would have been perfect, but her WOP ruined the whole night."

"Damn, at the club last night, she was wopping all over the place. That booty was bouncing like crazy."
by the WOP man August 30, 2011

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