A wop is a poor italian person. Usually the fathers don't work hard at all and suffer from jealousy towards other people who actually made something of their lives. Most wops are poor people who can't support themselves. The term comes from observences made by said people who employed wops. Wops usually don't have much ambition.
Look at that guy over there who can't support his family. He's a wop.
by Woposaurus March 02, 2008
The sound spaghetti makes when it hits a plate.
Here comes the spaghetti! WOP!
by Darin Number 2 April 18, 2007
Without Passport
Racist term used to describe italian immigrants

that italian is a WOP
by Pro 11563712634 October 30, 2009
A racist term used towards italians, not just sicilians (who are italian, for some reason you people seem to think there is a difference) which derives from the napolitan word Juappo (pronounced Wah-Po), not Guappo, which is a friendly term meaning "thug". When Italians came over to the Americas, the english had issues understanding it and called them Wops.
What a fucking wop.
Seriously though, I can't believe half the things i read here. Maybe its different in the USA for italians, but in Canada we get alot of respect here, mainly cuz we built this entire country and if it wasnt for us there wouldnt be a million different inventions. It's idiots like these ones that make America look like its inhabited by retards. Up yours you fucking WASPS.
by Domenico1 May 16, 2009
this word is not used on italians but sicilians it started when the sicilians were brought here as slave labor for the white man. when the landed in new york staten island these three letters were stamped on the back of thier hands yes they mean "with out paper " later used as a racial slur like wet back
those stinken wops are taken all our jobs
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
Not to be confused with "wop" or without papers, or any type of Italian slur. But W.O.P is an abreaviation for without paper, as in toilet paper to be called a w.o.p is to be told you smell like shit, because you had no toilet paper to wipe your ass with. The word w.o.p is mainly used as an insult between African Americans. The definition orginated in the 1950's and is now almost not used anymore, an extinct insult that will soon be forgotten.
Jordan: Hey Korey you smell terible take a shower.

Korey: Yo dawg leave me alone i am an athlete brotha we alls gotta sweat.

Jordan: Yea but you smell of sweaty balls.

Korey: I'll take a shower when I'm damn well ready.

Jordan: Get your W.O.P ass in the shower before I have you arrested for public indecency.

Melvin: Korey you do reek of pubic hairs, why dont you go ahead and bathe.
by Timmothy May 22, 2006
"With Out Papers" is correct. However, many times it is also referred to as the flat tire. ie: "What does the flat tire do?" --- and in response "It goes 'wop wop wop wop' ".
A: "What does a flat tire say?"
B: "I don't know...?"
A: "Wop wop wop wop."
B: "Oooooooh. Capito ora."
by pseudonymous2700 June 30, 2009
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