“WOP” is the English adaptation and mis-pronunciation of the Ital-Neapolitan word “GUAPPO” (Pronounced "Guah-ppoh"). The word defines those who belong to the Guapperia o “Camorra”, a criminal organization similar to the Sicilian Mafia located mostly in the province of Campania (an Italian Province) and its capital Napoli, Italia. The term is still commonly used in Italy especially in Central-South (Meridione) to describe those that either belong to the organization or those that are arrogant to the point of inducing a fight. It was brought to the USA by early Italian immigrants from the province of "Campania" who named those suspected to belong to the "Guapperia": "Guappi", in a similar fashion Sicilians used the term “Mafiosi”. Widely used in Chicago where most immigrants from Campania settled, one of its native sons, Al Capone, was a typical "Guappo", the term was confused by the non Italian population to indicate people of Italian origins, similarly to the word “Paesano”. The term has been erroneously explained to mean “Without Papers” because of the initials “WP” or "WOP" by those, Italian descent or not, that have little knowledge of Italian history and dialects. The term has taken a derogatory meaning in North America and for many refers to people of Italian origin or background.
You are a real “wop”, meaning you are arrogant
by uberrimus May 16, 2006
a slang word for an italian... kinda offensive
god, ______ is such a wop
by pepe the king prawn October 06, 2007
originally derived from the sound made when you throw spaghetti against a wall.
by shmegmatron April 05, 2011
still means with out papers,

this was a problem for many italians when they were immigrating from the homeland, they didn't bring any papers with them, i don't know if my greatgradfather had this problem but it is one that many of our ancestors faced it's just directed towards the italian population, it can be used as a demeaning term to put down someone that is italian when you yourself are not, my friend calls me a w.o.p all the time and i call him a mic cause he's irish.
scott, "c'mon you stupid fucking w.o.p!"

me, "go eat a potato and chase it with a beer you fucking mic!"

(to this present day we are still friends and there are no hard feelings between the two of us or our families)
by Jonathan C.wop July 12, 2005
a vulgar term for an italian or a person of italian decent. Comes from elis island where most italians were too poor to afford papers.they were stamped as wops standing for with out papers.
if anyone calls me a wop il kick there fuckin ass.
by italian king April 22, 2009
A drink that tastes like Kool-Aid but contains everclear, rum, or other strong alcohol.
What happens is the everclear is mixed with fruit (watermelon, strawberries, that type of thing) or Kool-Aid mix in a big tub or garbage can, and set overnight.
They mix, and by the next night for the party you have a hard drink that tastes and goes down like fruit punch. It is commonly served at parties similar to beer at keggers, costing about $5 a cup. It knocks you out and is very popular around college campuses because it is cheap and can get a lot of people hammered.

Parties where this is consumed is often called a Wop Out.
"The Wop last night was crazy! I had 7 glasses and was just going insane, it tasted like Crystal Light but really worked!"

"You really want that Caroline chick? Take her to that party and get her some wop, trust me your dry streek will come to an end!"
by Max Ad. September 21, 2008
wop an itallian immigrant without papers
wop= mario @ luigi
by crimsonkiller June 23, 2011
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