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The girls name Vita\v(i)-ta\ is pronounced VEE-tah. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "life". Mostly Italian use.See also Vidal. Vita can mean 'the happy life'.
The ultimate in perfection. An amazing mother, beautiful, intelligent,sexy and fun person that you can't help but want to be around all the time.
Vita is a Multi-tasking goddess
by jeffs<3honey February 04, 2010
The Latin meaning for Life
"Vita mutatur, non tollitur" - Life is changed, not taken away
by Z. F. December 28, 2008
Vita\v(i)-ta\ is pronounced VEE-tah. The name origins from Latin meaning “life.” An extremely rare name. She is the heart stealer and can make you fall in love with her instantly. With her warming smile, great hugs, awesome kisser, beautiful dark eyes, amazingly sweet heart, surprising secret intelligence, and seductive yet hilarious jokes, she is guaranteed to be a lover for life. She lives a life filled with happiness but also sadness. When interested to you, she stays attached until said to stay away. Majority of the time, she wants to be kept close and have somebody to talk to. Her thoughts can kill her easily. She can be trouble at times and a lot of work but when known enough, she’s a real keeper. She is the most perfect, beautiful, best hugger, intelligent, funny, inspiring, innocent, sexy, quiet, and a perfect friend/girlfriend/mom/sister in the whole entire world. When you meet a Vita, make sure to keep her close because there’s only a small chance you’ll ever meet a Vita in your lifetime. She means “Life” because she is the life to your life. While on your death bed, you'll remember how great your life was because of Vita.
Nurse: "Sorry sir, but you only have a few more days of vita."

Patient: "It's ok. I had a great vita."
by updatingnerd December 15, 2013
My homie that i roll with, she is a fuckin gangstah for lyfe!
I love you vita<3<3<3<3!!!
In academia, they don't say "Resume," they say "Vita"
Please include a current vita along with your scholarship application.
by DJThuht March 01, 2011
What the Japs call an Opel/Vauxhall Corsa
Komatsu crashed his Vita into the front of a truck and was dead.
by Dirge October 03, 2004
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