An exclamation of digust, perhaps after seeing a morbidly obese woman in tight nylon pants.
-Hey, dude, check out that chick's tattoo...
-WOOF! It looks like a tiger on a ferris wheel
by MW713 May 15, 2008
Top Definition
In the gay community, it's an adjective used to describe a sexy guy, but not the feminine kind of guy, but a more masculine guy; one who you wouldn't identify as being gay if you saw him on the street.
1) If you see a hot guy, you say: "Woof!"

2) He's woofy!
by twg June 20, 2004
word that is used to describe someone (usually a girl) who is ugly or unattractive
"buzz...your girlfriend... woof!" - kevin, from Home Alone
by headycheese April 11, 2006
This is the sound a doggie makes.
Woof! *pant pant*
by Inuchance June 06, 2003
Is said when a person is dissed or strongly parred.
John: I heard your mum got impregnated by a javelin.
Elvis: WOOF
by Dench Neuf Mandem October 16, 2012
verb: to declare something bad, ugly, terrible, or nasty.

interjection: use as an expletive to express disgust or surprise.

can be a replacement for damn that sucks!
"This jager bomb's gonna make me hurl."
by bevmo March 11, 2010
A word used often in the gay bear community(consisting mainly of larger, hairy men and their admirers), to express interest or arousal.
Guy 1: "See that hot guy over there?"

Guy 2: "Mmmhmm. Woof!"
by dragonreborn88 March 30, 2011
What a gay man says to or about a bear he appreciates
Mike said "Woof!" as he looked the cowboy up and down.
by daytongay August 12, 2006

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