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used in hawaii to mean "fuck", "sex", "intercourse" get it
last night me and tina went oof. (yeah. it sounds ghetto. but, that's how it's used.)
by Farren November 30, 2004
A form of expression used similar to damn, expressing a good feeling but frustration as well.
"oof...that chick is hot"
by Dee February 20, 2005
The sound of which you make when your air is suddenly knocked out of you.
I oofed when she pushed me out of my chair.
by AmberRae June 30, 2005
an exclamation to be used in place of a curse word. A word to say when you can't think of anything else.
oof I forgot to do my homework
by mckilla January 18, 2005
Out Of OFFice or Out Of Facility. Used in companies to indicate that an employee will not be in the office at a particular time/day. Commonly used at Microsoft, but also used in other businesses and industries.
"James is OOF on Friday, so let's set the meeting for Thursday afternoon."
by 314159 March 20, 2007
a word and expression used in reply to someone who has possibly embarrassed themselves.

used in context, it displays your embarrassment for said person in a tongue-in-cheek manner.
facebook status update: oh hai everyone check out the pic i uploaded with my sweet tweety-bird tattoo!

random reply: oof.
by some1 who knows what oof means February 22, 2010
1. Reflex exclamation of pain, discomfort or physical shock.

2. (In response to the above) An expression of empathy.

Synonyms: ow, ouch, argh
"Oof, that hurt!"

"Oof, I feel your pain, man!"
by DashW0 May 16, 2010
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