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The equivilant of whoa. Said when something surprising or unforeseen happens.
Woof, didn't see that one coming.
by JacksWastedLife November 22, 2005
A word used to describe supreme ugliness, used in place of something like, "Gross!" or "Eww..." or any other childish word.
Bill: Omg, Bob, did you see that fat chick?
Bob: Yeah! Woof!
by Mr. Squakity September 27, 2004
a good song by snoop dogg
Woof muthafucka woof muthafuckaaaaa
Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay
by the doggggggg June 15, 2009
(v): To anger in a certain way, like to mock or dis. When someone suspects his friend is making fun of him, he must scream "ARE YOU WOOFING ME?!?" to said person.
Chris was woofing Collin all day by teasing him about the fact that his favorite basketball team lost in their game last weekend.
by Dakota Warren March 07, 2011
1. a person of black descent
2. a nigga
3. a banana peeler
- Wesley Snipes was leading that pack of woof's down to the banana factory.

- Hey , you see that pack of woof's over there they must be up to something

- How many woof's does it take to steal a cadillac?
by Coalition agianst woof's September 30, 2010
when an illerate person says woof they really mean wolf but since they are so stupid they don't know there is supposed to be an L.
Red neck: "Look at that woof"
Harold: "You stupid red neck it's wolf not woof"
by Tom from myspace :) October 13, 2009
An Aussie term for cocaine.
That schmoker has done too much woof!
by DMC40 July 10, 2008