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A verbal insult that implies how one is so unaesthetically appealing to the the eye that even the canine species would find him/her unrecognizable to a point where it would feel compelled to bark as a warning for said individual to maintain their distance.
"Man my woof factor is through the roof today. I haven't showered in over a week and I no longer fit in my sweat pants"
by Supercalafragatastic April 28, 2013
0 2
"Those girls are Mega WOOF"
by joebisaloser August 17, 2011
9 12
calling someone out on a major lie; false claim
Woof! You are not at home sleeping, I just saw you walking to Subway!
by jadeem April 21, 2011
6 13
Said in response to something incredibly 'manly' or testosterone-fueled.

A form of acknowledgment in response to a 'manly' act
Man A: Bru, I just benched 120kg
Man B: Woof!

"I just ate an entire turkey and washed it down with seven pints without vomming...Woof!"
by Jakewithabigsnake April 17, 2007
43 50
The art of miss pronouncing the word wolf by not saying the l
Madeline wants to see a woof at the zoo.
by woof123 October 20, 2009
12 20
adj. To express utter dissapointment. To signify extreme dislike.
Wow, I have an exam today and forgot to study...woof.
by Paul Kazanjian October 31, 2005
30 38
An exclamation of digust, perhaps after seeing a morbidly obese woman in tight nylon pants.
-Hey, dude, check out that chick's tattoo...
-WOOF! It looks like a tiger on a ferris wheel
by MW713 May 15, 2008
21 31