"Those girls are Mega WOOF"
by joebisaloser August 17, 2011
Though mainly used in the Gay community to signify the Bear in the relationship. With the advent of Social Media (ie. FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace etc) Guys use it as a secret way of communicating their pack matesWhen he posts woof on a certain womans posts or timeline, wall etc. He is informing his friends that this is a Bitch he wants to rape doggie style. Most women think they are being complimented when actually they are being Dissed
Tina: Just got home from Pilates and I'm stoked, my butts getting tight
Randal: 'Woof'
(then in private to his friends "I wanna break her over like a double barrels shotgun and jack my round in her chamber

RapeSexual Conquest
by ALW 446 September 13, 2014
calling someone out on a major lie; false claim
Woof! You are not at home sleeping, I just saw you walking to Subway!
by jadeem April 21, 2011
adj. To express utter dissapointment. To signify extreme dislike.
Wow, I have an exam today and forgot to study...woof.
by Paul Kazanjian October 31, 2005
Said in response to something incredibly 'manly' or testosterone-fueled.

A form of acknowledgment in response to a 'manly' act
Man A: Bru, I just benched 120kg
Man B: Woof!

"I just ate an entire turkey and washed it down with seven pints without vomming...Woof!"
by Jakewithabigsnake April 17, 2007
Word used by countless ignorant peckerwoods to refer to a wolf.
Hot damn, Lem, they's a Woof down there in the holler.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
The art of miss pronouncing the word wolf by not saying the l
Madeline wants to see a woof at the zoo.
by woof123 October 20, 2009

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