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The town between Astoria & Jackson Heights & the best place in the world to live at.
You would like to live in Woodside, wouldn't you?
by paravillintilliay May 17, 2008
A very open female, from both ends; often bisexual
1: Hey did you do Woodside last night?
2: Yea, so did my best friend the night after.
by Dixon Betweener Legs August 24, 2010
To be cockblocked or cuckolded in a tremendous (and/or tragically hilarious) fashion. Originates from a thread, in which a man describes his friend (whose last name is Woodside) moving in on a girl that he liked, not once, but twice in the space of 10 years (the second time resulting in an engagement).
Jack was getting married (they were both saving themselves for the wedding night), and he invited his college buddy Scott to the wedding. Scott met Jack's bride-to-be for the first time at the rehearsal dinner, and just two hours later, he Woodsided Jack with the fiance in the coat closet of the reception hall.
by PDXBishop January 11, 2009
An anorexic obnoxious violent no-friend slutty whore.
NASTY i would'nt touch her shes such a woodside
by anonymooo September 20, 2005
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