The CORRECT way to spell "rehersal".
Look it up in the dictionary, pal.

And while you're at it, look up "uterly". That won't be in there either.
"I was at my play rehearsal, fuck-face! Where the shit-biscuits do you THINK I was?!"
by Crockett-Cracker April 11, 2008
Play Practice
Hey, can you play Team Fortress 2 today?

No, I have play practice.

Dang it.

Well I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh, and rehearsal isn't a word, is it?
by James Bartimus Bond February 18, 2014
This occurs when the corpse of a loved one is reanimated, killed (again), and buried (for the last time hopefully).
At some point during the zombie outbreak you encounter your ex loved ones. They want your brains and you want them to rest forever, once again. This calls for a family rehearsal.
by Sh1tfac3d December 05, 2013
The completely and uterly wrong way to spell "rehersal".
What the fuck is a re-hear-sal?
by Matt September 22, 2003

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