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Approved of. If you are backed, someone has your back.
X, "You guys like Hoods and The Warriors?"
Y, "I back them, bro."
Z, "Yeah, totally backed."
#back this #back #backed by me #approve #bcked #backd
by xDakex February 12, 2006
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the state of being in which a man and a woman are in a position in both are facing forward; where one is pressing their ass against the other, in a grinding motion, until eventually one of the individuals is "backed" into a wall, and pinned; wherefore, the grinding usually continues even more vigorously.
Guy 1: Did you see Isaac at that last party?
Guy 2: You mean did I see Isaac get backed at that party!
#booty #grinding #backed #freak dancing #dancing #modern dancing
by GuyGotBacked April 17, 2011
The term used to describe the wanting of sex with an individual
"That girl is well fit, she'd definitely get backed!"
#sex #backed #back #choong #buff
by ThaBiZzLExUKx March 10, 2009
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