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sexy femalee, hottie
"Damn, she's brood."
by adfjkghjkerhge June 03, 2007
good, great, amazing
that herb is dank, its really brood.
by babbaaa August 27, 2007
To be thoughtful. To think about something. Often in a dreary or depressing] manner.

After Lord Byron], poet]s are usually thought of as having a very gloomy, brooding personality].
Christian and Erik are a cute couple]... but they're so different] at times! Christian's the bubbly] one, Erik's the brooding one.
by Lorelili June 26, 2005
A Portland Oregon Prison and street "family". Crank, Sex, and Crime are Broods' the only focus in life. Slogan, "We Never Sleep"
Every one is a victim its just whos turn is it. Life in Brood
by Augie Barone September 04, 2006
offspring (plural); with animals: a brood = a litter; a group of baby birds, all hatched and raised at the same time by the same mother; related to the verb, to breed
Joe - "That lady came to the barbeque with all of her 7 kids!"

Dave - "Yeah, she sure brought the whole brood."
by El Rey Raton October 14, 2011
Originated from the California skate scene, combining "butter" with "good"- smooth, soft, good.
Did you see that one kid's crossover? That was brood. He almost broke my ankles on that one drive.
by Schauman July 14, 2011
Used to address a close friend, companion, chum, or confidante.

bro + dude
Yo brood, thanks for lying to my girlfriend for me last night!
by Miracle Son October 25, 2011
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