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The act of inserting an erect penis into ones mouth in an effort to shut them up.
I have been woodcocking people for so long it has become a regular occurrence.

Oh shit you just got woodcocked!
by G-vegas November 14, 2007
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1. (adj.) used to show resentment towards a person, object or task.

2. (v.) the act of persuading your wife to let you get a purple pool table (refer to the Television series 'Til Death)
Maia: We have a test tomorrow and 3 assignments in English Class.
Alyssa: Are you freakin' woodcocking me right now?!?!
Skye Skye: HAHA! I get the reference. LOL XD!!!!111!!!!
by Minnie the Muncher November 16, 2013

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