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A bowl/cooking instrument used in the Chinese culture.
I cooked up some grub in my new wok.
by Draith March 30, 2005
1. A very sexual girating dance of the West Indies, usually done only moving the hips.

2. Sex
1. Di ya see Elvis at the street parade wokin' it up wit dat white girl?

2. Baby let mi get inside and I'll wok ya all night
by Sullivan August 17, 2005
An abbreviation for Without Kids. Typically refers to the circumstance where a parent is free to party. Often used every other weekend to describe single or divorced parents who share custody. Generally, it is only used to refer to people with kids, but the term can also refer to a general state of being without kids.

Should not be confused with wok.
“Cathy is taking the kids up to her parents this weekend. So it’s on tonight boys. I’m W.O.K.!”

“She was cool, but I’m only looking to date someone W.O.K.”

“I hope you got in a disco nap. Kelly is W.O.K. tonight so she’ll be cramming in a month’s worth of partying.”
by Chiguy August 10, 2007
Something to throw at a wabbit.
Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm hunting wabbits...with a wok!
by KPalicz October 18, 2007
Metallic bowl-shaped pan used for cooking. The word is of Cantonese origin, since Mandarin words never end in p,t,k, whereas Cantonese words can. Used in the names of many Chinese restaurants in order to attract the attention of customers. i.e. A Wok to Remember, Wok King
Since I like to cook Chinese food, my cabinet is crammed with woks.
by Gaijin-san January 09, 2013
A Wok is a short sleep taken at an odd or unexpected time. It's derived from Ewok and was first used to define a short nap taken, by the viewer, during the scenes on Endor in Return of the Jedi.

Laterly the term Megawok has been coined to cover a much longer unexpected sleep.
I was sat watching TV and suddenly the program was finished. I guess the woks must have gotten me.
by opulentfish January 24, 2012
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