Wok or Woks. derogitory term for a person of asian decent. Particularly directed at Chinese. Also used to describe the driving patterns of Asians.
"That stupid ass WOK can't drive."
by KenMan171 October 11, 2005
Although has similarity to the chinese cooking equiptment, in this term is meant to imply that somebody 'rocks'.
'dude i bought you these cupcakes'
'oh my god dat wok!'
'you wock!'
'Oh! you wok too!'
'We wok at da same time!'
by PagelDilier November 10, 2008
the sound pat the bunny makes!
"wok wok wokkkkk!"

"wok wok wokkity wok wok"

Q: whats pats favorite song?
A: now wok it out!

Q: how does pat help cure disease?
A: he woks to cure diabetes!
by ERINN & NATALIE April 09, 2008
A term used in the book "The salmon of doubt" to define what you do when your standing in a kitchen or bedroom and can't remember if you want to get something or if you already did and are now leaving.
Aw man, i just did a major wok, i forgot to get the carpet spray and now the yellow stain is going to be on the carpet forever.
by madcat2179 December 11, 2005
This kid who hacks whos named cam
"I built like, 4 ork barraks. This nigga comes over with his fuckin hero and kills 2 of them in one hit.... is that nigga usin hacks?"
by m4st3r May 02, 2005
extrodinarily bad. Something that doesn't perform the way it was intended
i wokked up my assignment
by Bam June 29, 2004
Wokstar is the coolest mother fucker in the world! #s-gaming mother! HAHA GO WOKSTAR
When im scrimming, and things get gay, i just pull my pants down, and do the wokstar way.
by Cam, the original wokstar February 24, 2005
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