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To leave ones present location.
"Yo Ryan, lets bounce."
"Yo Ryan, lets wiggle."
by Ryan Penn May 10, 2006
A fast, erratic slithering motion.
The snake wiggled into its hole
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
Im going to pump your face full of wiggles!
by big-T-1979 April 15, 2011
A gopher-like turd that continuously pokes in and out of it's hole until you give a slight wiggle motion to plop it into the bowl.

To take a shit, in other words.
"Fuck I got to wiggle me a good one"
"Man that wiggle stunck!"
"FUUUCK I just clogged the toilet with my wiggle!"
by ○Cierra February 23, 2009
slang for a twenty dollar bill
"twenka" "twenky"
dang nizzle hook up a brotha wid a wiggle
by lumberjack September 24, 2003
penis, vagina, or sex; depends on usage.
I touched my wiggle. I wanna wiggle.
by Jen August 17, 2003