A charming gentleman!
I love Wiggle. He is lovely.
by Sarah :D August 03, 2008
You know the wiggles, Marty,Jeff,uh yeah well a wiggle is some one gay like them.
Think elton John.
by Peeboy June 27, 2003
To Leave.
It's getting late I gotta wiggle.
by Scandalicious June 24, 2003
ie, Penis wiggle.

Shaking your todger
"Peter wiggled his tiny penis"
by Peter Stringfellow June 20, 2003
it can mean anything

it's been used to refer to sex. but you can really use it to mean anything.
yeah I saw her last night/did you get your wiggle on?
by word January 15, 2000
1)To have one's identity "borrowed" for lame, joking purposes only.

2)The best assistant treasurer in the history of mankind.
Joe got Wiggled when the sports page erroneously attributed a quote to him, when a backstabbing co-worker did it instead.
by TARDBOY70 August 23, 2004
Slang for "niggers." Originated from a video of a little girl encouranged by her parents to say 'sparkling wiggles' in a variety of sentences. Originally posted on the website collegehumor.com

When she said 'sparkling wiggles' it sounded exactly like 'fucking niggers.'
"We don't hate sparkling wiggles"
"There's too many sparkling wiggles at this party"
"No sparkling wiggles here!"
"Get a job sparkling wiggles"
by Mike SIU March 06, 2007

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