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Ashely is a wonderful female with a talent, brains, and beauty. She has a crazy sense of humor and an awesome body, like a goddess . She has popularity and everybody would like to go with her to prom- girl or boy. Friendly and cool, the perfect girlfriend you would want. A cute, pretty, gorgeous, funny, hot, sweet, romantic, smart, loyal and OH SO MUCH MORE.

She's so perfect that when you see her, people are treating her like a queen. Or a princess. She has a strong sense of justice and even animals and men are drawn to her.

A cool BFF, she'll help you and a extremely kind and compassionate person who is a great friend and cares about other people. A true friend who always makes you cheer up.
She's the kind of girl who still manages to find a way to smile, love life and music. The type of girl when she smiles like nothing happens and acts like she's fine, inside she's a wreck. She can withstand many things and never gives up.

Always positive, and works hard. Not a slut, and the type of girl that eats like a whale but never gains weight.

But watch out, she can beat you up if you mess with her or her friends. But she's a great singer.

But she has secrets like: She could beat you at Halo 4 when she's a beginner.
Applies to some people only.
Hey, your awesome. Like an Ashely. -Luka
OMG, I'm not that nice!! - In head- ( OMG OMG OMG OMG! My crush said I'm an Ashely! That's SOO nice) - Lily

Dude! That girl is an Ashely!
Look! Dayummm.
by Ms. Alyssa Eliza Slanyert March 28, 2013
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