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The male equivalent of queefing.
An fart-like occurence from the penis.
Caused by a vacuum-like intake of air, usually when a foreign object is inserted in the jap's eye.

An example of wifting would be an emission of wind from the penis during an act like "One Man One Screwdriver."
"Did you see that man shove a screwdriver up his cock? Imagine the wifting..."
"Excuse me, did you just wift??"
"FS, you're such a wifter."
"What was that noise?!" "Sorry, I wifted."

queef fart penis japs eye vampire fish
by Mierney June 06, 2010
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WIFTing is WhatsApp-Instagram-Facebook-Twitter stalking of someone on the aforementioned social media networks.
James decided not to go out with his friends because he was too busy WIFTing Angela.

Adam: Dude, I didn't sleep all night.
Sean: Why? You weren't WIFTing Cindy were you?
Adam: Yea man, all networks, i WIFTed her all night.
by xclaver March 30, 2013
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