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a juice and vodka
there were screwdrivers at the party
by anonymous July 20, 2003
714 83
Alcoholic beverage made by mixing vodka and orange juice that should never, ever be made with Sunny Delight.
"Man this Sunny-D screwdriver tastes like shit!"
by lalala October 01, 2003
448 69
A very useful tool used to tighten and loosen screws, comes in many different types.
I used the small phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws on my eyeglasses
by Alaskan July 23, 2006
274 151
a mixed drink of vodka and orange juice
Nothing spells date rape like vodka and orange juice
by Ben December 31, 2004
116 20
when a woman climbs on top of the man, sits down on his penis, holds on to the fan blades, turns on the fan and spins on her partners penis.
lets try the screwdriver today
by J3NNl3G June 28, 2010
120 58
A Drink Mix of orange juice and vodka put into an Ice-mountion water bottle.(screwdriver grip)

Primarily used by minors for casual drinking.
I went to the Mobil to get some orange juice and I made a gallon Screwdriver by adding it to my handle of Skol (Vodka)
by Kyle Stephens December 12, 2005
115 79
You never have the right ones.
I needed this screwdriver for unscrewing screws, but they were all the wrong sizes.
by sega31098 August 11, 2010
70 52