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the candiru or canero (Vandellia cirrhosa) is a toothpick fish that lurks in the muddy waters of the amazon river. Its transluceny makes it very hard to spot, and it only about 1inch in length and 6mm wide.
It gets it nickname 'the vampire' fish because it slides into the gills of unsuspecting fish and latches onto the skin using its spine and sucks out the blood
It has become the most feared fish in the amazon even over the pirahna because it has been known to swin up the urinary traps of males and latch onto the inside of the uretha or willy. furthermore, women aren't exempt as the candiru can in fact swin into the vagina and anus causing much pain and suffering.
operation is the only way to remove the candiru which sometimes means amputation of the willy, aka getting your doodle cut off, which hurts according to many of the victims.
damn caro u got me all infected with the vampire fish

Caro: i went swimming in the amazon all nakey and i have vampire fish in my cunt
Me: Tough break bitch
by marty13 October 29, 2006
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