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An acronym for the expression, (T)hat's (W)hat (I) (F)ucking (T)hought. Pronounced 'teewift'. Commonly verbalized in a hostile manner to express dominance, after one does whatever the speaker expects or desires.
Frank: Yo Jimmy, wanna get eats?
Jimmy: Gee Willikers! I would love to tag along, but first let me change my clothes.
Frank: Huh?
Jimmy: You see Frank, I like to wear tight clothing because it makes me look big. Don't tell anyone, but it's really just an optical illusion.
Frank: Jimmy you're absolutely right, go ahead and change. I'd rather look like a douchebag than a pussy, too!
Both: Hahaha...
Dave: Oh, you guys are leaving for the Pub? I'll go with you.
Frank: Ummmm, did either of us invite you Dave?
Dave: Do I have to be invited to go out to eat?
Frank: Hey Dave, how about you answer my fucking question before you bring up another one. You gotta listen fucking attention to the words that come out of my mouth!
Dave: ...I wasn't invited.......fuck you Frank! You're always such a dick to me, and I never do anything to deserve it.
Frank: Actually Dave, I'm just keeping it real. When you fucking come at me, spitting fucking inquiries in my face, I'm not gonna back down.
Dave: You know what, fuck this! I don't even want to argue with you anymore.
Frank: Fucking t-wift bitch, walk away!
by The Chuckle Monster May 08, 2009
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