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The relationship that exists between a divorced woman and her ex-husband's new wife.
I am giving my receipe for King Ranch Chicken to my new wife-in-law, but I think I shall leave out the 2 teaspoons of Strychnine.
by Jessica Martens August 20, 2005
Describes the relationship between prostituted women in the same stable (e.g., controlled by the same pimp); a "stable sister."
"She wanted nothing more than to leave her pimp, but after witnessing his murder attempt on her wife in law, who had earlier attempted to escape from the stable, she was too afraid."
by Victoria Marinelli February 06, 2007
The term for other prostitutes in a pimp's stable.
As Woman A and Woman B both worked for the same pimp, Woman A called Woman B her wife-in-law
by support safe harbor laws July 14, 2011
When your ex-husband starts dating/courting/or worse yet, marries your best friend. Because she's your best friend, she's also now your wife in law!
My ex-husband Bill, started dating my best friend of 20+ years, Jane. They married (apparently she didn't learn much from all my bitching) so now she's my wife in law.
by MoeTX May 21, 2009
What two women call each other when they find out that they are married to the same man.
When Heidi went to pick up a marriage application at the court house, she found out that she was still legally married. So, she called her friend and their husband and let them know. The "other" wife said, we are wife-in-laws.
by wife-in-law March 19, 2009
Aa term relating one woman in a relationship to all the other women her partner is having relations with. Sometimes refers to the type of woman who attempts to control the children of the other woman, or otherwise control the partner's family unit.
"Tashana is picking up the kids"

"Tell wifey in law to chill"
by one pin bun March 10, 2005
a mistress, love slave, or concubine.
you see that bitch over there? yeah...that hott little piece of cunt is my wifey in law.
by instant_retard February 07, 2005
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