a tough, tricky or suspenseful situation
Me: "How did the cops not get you for driving blazed?"
Co-worker: "Trust me, I've been in some whoppers"
by ash0ppingcart April 22, 2010
1. (n.) a burger served by Burger King.

2. (n.) a burger that will soon be served by The Whop Shop in the Whopper Kingdom ran by Team Whopper. It will come in over 384735348378429 different varieties including the Weatherman Whopper, the rare edition Wizard Whopper, and the it's-not-quite-right-but-we-love-it-anyway WArgos Whopper.
1. I am going to Burger King to get a Whopper.

2. I wish I had a Wizard Whopper from The Whop Shop.
by gordo gay parade August 24, 2008
An adjective meaning 'of epic proportion', similar to 'very'.
He played whopper bad in that game.

That film was whopper.
by brickshapedprojectiles July 10, 2008
when u put chocolate on ur balls and ur bf/gf licks it off.
im gonna stop by walmart and get some chocolate so we can have whoppers 2night.
by Kota Hale August 15, 2006
the act of masturbating while simultaniously dropping a pooping.

Uusually done on the toilet, but not exclusivly, putting down a Whopper ensures the subject's privacy, and these two vital tasks can be accomplished at one time This leaves the subject with more time to play video games.
"With only on bathroom in Richard's house, he has found it neccesary to start putting down whoppers."

"Richard's face was quite red when he returned from the bathroom. I bet he was putting down a whopper. Oh man this video game is awesome"
by JiffMart May 01, 2010
An Italian who acts black.
For a white person it would be wigger. For an Italian it would be whopper.
It is the combination of the two derogatory names for the Italian and African-American races, whop and nigger.
Look Luigi's wearing a doorag! What a whopper.
by Texas Menace January 08, 2007
The original malted milk balls.
Tara has chocolate whoppers in her pants.
by Kuke Duke September 04, 2006

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