An Italian who acts black.
For a white person it would be wigger. For an Italian it would be whopper.
It is the combination of the two derogatory names for the Italian and African-American races, whop and nigger.
Look Luigi's wearing a doorag! What a whopper.
by Texas Menace January 05, 2007
(noun.) The act of proforming intercourse in such a vigorous manner that the female deficates on the scrotem of the male resembling the famous candy "WHOPPERS"!!!!!
I was fuckin my girl so hard she shit all over my balls and they looked like the candy whoppers
by Don Braxton Nixon May 25, 2008
A candy or mostly used as wrinkles on a penis and testicles
"You sucked all my whoppers out boy" "Don't you have anything else to do than look at boys whoppers"
by bhfdhfh April 03, 2008
A black woman with blonde pubes. The pubes can be a result of dying, bleaching or genetics.
I went down on Jamiqua and ate that whopper!
by david January 22, 2005
a human sandwich that is fuzzy&&shaped like a keychain and used like a gluesickk.
wanna be my whopper?
by kissly September 07, 2007
a fat girl who eats too much and looks like a whopper from mcdonalds.

eats wayyyyy to many of them.

wears tight graphic t shirts and soffes and makes ppl want to throw up.

likes fat boys.
is fat.
fat fat.
Whoa, look at that whopper!

has she lost weight?

noo, i think shes gained weight.

omg yeah ur right! shes soon gonna need her own zip code!

wait, she already has one!

OH GEEZ! i dnt wanna go there, u could get eaten!

ok, lets send mickey!

by whopperh8rzzz July 10, 2008
an overly ugly person.
one who should be digested by a constipated rhino as they would come out better looking in the long term.
also see hoachin' wain
hi, you're fuckin' whoppin!
i can't believe you went with that whopper...
i just seen a proper whopper talkin to a hoachin wain at a minger convention
by kitty-cait April 25, 2006
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