10 definitions by velvy

when the tip of the nipple hardens after freezing or interested in sex.
Lydia had a nipple woody after being in the frozen food section.
by velvy May 17, 2007
an object that women use to buff their nails with.
While I was dressing, Lydia was fidgeting her nails with her emery board.
by velvy June 05, 2007
another word for turd, euphenism for turds in the toilet.
I sunk the mexican navy after my Taco Bell lunch.
by velvy April 27, 2007
a white man with a bald head. Also, opposite of 8-ball.
Whenever Carl arrives into the lighted room, his runway beacon always glows.
by velvy March 18, 2007
a term for huge tits. especially huge bazongas.
Dude, did you see that hot girl last night. she had a gorgeous pair of jumbo jacks.
by velvy May 14, 2007
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