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10 definitions by velvy

huge, big tits that are great to suck on.
The girl at Ralphs had some huge whoppers.
by velvy May 20, 2007
when the tip of the nipple hardens after freezing or interested in sex.
Lydia had a nipple woody after being in the frozen food section.
by velvy May 17, 2007
an object that women use to buff their nails with.
While I was dressing, Lydia was fidgeting her nails with her emery board.
by velvy June 05, 2007
another word for turd, euphenism for turds in the toilet.
I sunk the mexican navy after my Taco Bell lunch.
by velvy April 27, 2007
a white man with a bald head. Also, opposite of 8-ball.
Whenever Carl arrives into the lighted room, his runway beacon always glows.
by velvy March 18, 2007
same as a mexican navy., another euphenism for turds in the toilet.
I sunk the polish navy after eating at Taco Bell.
by velvy May 20, 2007
Slang for a bald head on a white man. Named after the ball on the game pool, for the shining Q-ball.
1. After Vic got his head shaved, he sure had a Q-ball on him.

2. The man who works with me has a shining Q-ball, and it's like a runway beacon when it shines.
by velvy March 22, 2007