A moron, unwitty, unsociable, slow and thick as fuck
Oh shut your mouth you fucking Whopper
Calum Wright
by RichyRich456 December 19, 2012
1. Something that is great. Used alot in Ireland, mainly by skobies.

2. Can be used to express satisfaction, joy.

usually prefixed by the word f**king
1. "Oh my god, this kebab is f**kin' whopper!"

2. (after finding two euro):

"F**ckin' Whopper!"
by jaymaccool November 16, 2007
Irish slang for brilliant , or massively brilliant. Usually used in Kilbride , Tallaght , etc , etc
i know im Whopper ri?
by qwertyIRISHuiopasdfghjklzx August 06, 2010
Most commonly used in the area of Glasgow, meaning a lie. Instead of telling a lie, you tell a whopper.
Frank: "Yeah, I gave her multiple orgasms!"

Bill: "You just told a huge whopper."
by Mattjob March 02, 2009
Exceptionally large; over-sized; abnormal. Slang usage: A large plop/turd/log etc.
It has taken me/him/her ages to flush that whopper down the toilet.
by E MacGregor March 29, 2004
A term used to describe an object of great bilk or incredible greatness.
ive got a whopper bruise on my penis.
thats a whopper sandwich.
by darragh woohoo October 15, 2007
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