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a discoloration in the skin from a ruptured vein, this can also be called a "hicky" sometimes.
She came in to the cafeteria after x period and I noticed a bruise on her neck, thigh, and foot. I realized then either she got her ass jumped after she left or I'm gonna get my ass beat after I leave the cafe
by Hicky, sex, jumping, gangbang January 10, 2016
Bruise- a combination of the words "break" and "lose." My brother always does this :(
You noobert! Why did you bruise the stupid computer again!????!1111
by pwner1111 November 24, 2010
A verd. Eqivalent of burn, to diss someone. An insult used by the third party after first part makes fun of a second party.

George: That lady is hawt.
Paco: Your mom is hawt.

On man, you got bruised!

That's a bad bruise!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
by Jumping Bean October 17, 2006
a new term for sex
denting them thighs
by bobby December 19, 2003
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