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1. an expression of elation or agreement at something that causes excitement.

2. a term to be repeated when someone succeeds at a task or says something of wit; another way of "giving props" to someone.

3. a line that can be used to express interest in someone, similar to "How YOU doin?" or "Wassup giiiirl!"

4. what you ask someone when they really want Doritos.

Origin: The expression originated from instances in which someone at a party would make an alcohol run and would ask others what they wanted them to pick up. Literally, "What do you want from the store?"

In other words: "Whatever it is that you want from the store, I got it or will get it for you"


When they played this dope ass jam at the club all my friends were like "OOOOH whatchuwantfromthesto"!!!!

(Fine ass girl walks into room)
"Ooh damn girl, whatCHUwantfromthesto?!"

Person 1: "Whatchuwantfromthes to?"
Person 2: "I want some Doritos!"
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