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short form of sayin whut happened...mainly used by west indian ppl
whappen tuh yuh?
by JnFEzE November 05, 2003
A conjunction of the words "what" and "happens." A single word question. Also, whappened, being, "what" and "happened."
Whappens when you die. or Whappened to him?
by Jim Heuberger October 20, 2005
Short for 'whats happening' usually meaning Hello. Similar to 'whats happening' , it doesn't usually require an answer. The response could also be "Wha'ppen.
Husband: Whappen Baby
Wife: Whappen Honey
by Physcult March 20, 2011
West indian slang word for 'Hi' 'Hey' or 'How are you', Literally an abreviation of 'whats happenning?'
"W'happen me breadren?" "W'happen bredder? cha, me nah see yah fi long time bwoy!" or from a man to a lady you wish to get to know better "W'happen baby? come 'ere naw, me's a sweet bwoy yah nah" W'happen gal? yuh look ready fi flex!!!"
by The Duke of Windsor April 09, 2006
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