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used as a function word especially to express assent or agreement or to introduce a more emphatic or explicit phrase; yes
"Do you enjoy pie?"

by Ram-Dawg June 29, 2004
An expression of sudden self satisfaction, pronounced just the way it sounds. The word YUH should be said with a highly tensed up voice such as the one you have while pushing out a big constipated piece of crap on the toilet.YUH!
YUH! I just raped in halo.
by Spicyzesty September 19, 2010
Brief feeling of excitement when somethin fuckin AWESOME happens and you just have to yell somethin!
Me: Yo I just won the lotto
Friend: YUH!
by EJD0688 October 05, 2012
A form of sarcasm when someone asks you a dumb question or makes a generally dumb comment.
*ugly g walks by*
Guy 1: what a dime!
Guy 2: YUH!!!

Girl 1: Did you sleep with my ex last night?
by kayyraaaaa March 01, 2010
a slang word for yes, often used when one wants to be cool...
Pamela: "Are you going to the party tonight"
Scotty: "yuhhh, bitch you know i am"
by Kinkanator November 03, 2008
it's a word that has the same meaning with "you".
what are yuh doin' now ? do yuh wanna come wit meh ?
by adaniel_vVv March 30, 2007
An extreme expression of pleasure or approval, best if shouted in someone's face
"hey i got you this 24pk of mountain dew" "OOH YUH!!!"

by gabe March 30, 2005

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