requiring a body of water, a wet burrito is banging a chick from behind and when you're about to cum, pull out, nut on her back and boot her into the body of water.
She looks like she's jonesin for a wet burrito.
by Wake Jitsu December 04, 2007
Top Definition
the previous definitions are wrong and confused with other activities. a true wet burrito is when a man wraps a tortilla around his penis and then proceeds to recieve fellatio from a female parter. right before ejaculation he rams his burrito into her butthole to fill the wrap with "meat" aka fecal matter.
Som' bitch done got herself a wet burrito after back talkin me last night!!
by kgoods October 08, 2007
A wet burrito is a sexual act in which a man liberally applies hot sauce to his erect penis before inserting it into his partner's anus. The act results in a mixture of bodily fluids - fecal matter, blood, semen, sweat, possibly urine - and hot sauce, hence the "wet burrito" name. This is usually a surprise sex act, as most partners would prefer to keep hot sauce as far away from their genitals as possible.
You should've seen her face after that wet burrito I gave her last night. I have a feeling I'm not getting laid again for at least a week.
by philthyphillygirl December 06, 2009
After using an "Alaskin Pipeline" and the used 'dildo' is not frozen anymore, slap the women in the face with the open end, leaving a brown smear on her face.
After using my Alaskin Pipeline on your mom, she stood up and I hit her in the face with my Wet Burrito.
by Dr. Syphilis April 16, 2009
Having diarrhea in any type of taco shell and then eating it.
There was nothing good to eat last night so I decided to go to the bathrooom to make me up a wet burrito.
by racer baby June 17, 2011
premature ejaculation
I tried to order the fish tacos but I was distracted by the hot girl at del taco and received a wet burrito instead.
by Garthdog August 21, 2008
When a man puts his penis inside a mensturating vagg hole, then pulls the bloody cock out and proceeds to put it in her mouth.
My girl was being a bitchy on her rag so I gave that slut a wet burrito.
by heretic555666 June 19, 2009
while having sex, the act in which the man reaches under his sac, scooping a sample of his own sweat, and wiping it across the woman's upper lip.
She looks about a wet burrito??
by Diggler September 19, 2003
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