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When you are in class and the girl in front of you is wearing a thong.
I'm totally failing Intro to Bio Science because I am distracted by this sweet piece of chippy that wears low-riding jeans and thongs EVERYDAY.
by Dr.Rob Jones July 10, 2008
Used to describe someone who is dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil and cannot focus on the correct path enough to follow it.
She cannot call me to tell me she misses me because she is distracted with problems in the real world.
by Enrique Wilson February 28, 2015
To be thinking about the boy or girl who you fancy so much, that you cannot really concentrate on anything else.
"I'm sorry I didn't score, I'm a little distracted."
by DaftBoi July 10, 2008
Code word used when explaining why you forgot a prior obligation because you were busy getting some action (could be anything from sex to a hot make-out session). One of the few acceptable reasons for flaking on a friend.
Sorry I was late to the party... I was with that guy from the other day and got a little distracted.

Sorry I forgot to call you back last night. I was with my BF and got distracted.
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac March 10, 2008
being stoned; a way to describe being stoned to people that may not approve of marijuana use.
"you missed the turn, Bobby"
"sorry, i'm a little distracted..."
by nofxmikeb October 27, 2005
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