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Someone who exemplifies rather large amounts of crybaby-bullshit in order to: 1) get sympathy from the people around him/her.
2) make them self feel like less of a dumbass
"somebody shut chris the hell up. no one cares about his wussy knuckle"
by andy November 26, 2003
103 21
Somebody who whines all the time about nothing.
my friend Ashley
God your suck a whiney bitch!
by heyimjustjoshinyou March 14, 2006
64 30
A typical liberal; a person who cries and bitches constantly over stupid things, or when they lose a game or a race. What comes out of their mouths is usually nonsense and bullshit, but not always.
Why do the Kerry-voters always have to be such whiney bitches?
by you don't know me! April 17, 2005
75 116